Diane Rusnak


Studio Sisu

Diane Rusnak with "Wings"

Hello! Here I am at the newly built Studio Sisu at my home in San Pablo, Californnia.

Most of the artworks on this site were done in the past seven years. In this period I was newly retired from college art teaching and working at a studio at The Tannery in Berkeley, CA.

I'm an artist that works primarily from night dream imagery. Dreams keep me in touch with a deeper consciousness that we are all capable of contacting, a fuller self/life. I've written down thousands of dreams many of which I've put into artworks later. I was earlier trained as an abstractionist in oils at Ohio State University, but then turned to personal and symbolic content in acrylic on canvas. Much work is in mixed media as I experimented with different visual effects. In most cases I have been concerned with meaning and combining that with strong composition and visual impact.

Making art and showing steadily since 1970, I've been in over 140 shows and 40 publications. Contact dreamdiane@comcast.net.

Studio Sisu